Media & Downloads

The following information on Dredgair™ and the concept of air suspension for dredgers is available for download:

Whitepaper: Cutting (Dr)edge Technology
A whitepaper on the suspension of the Athena’s deckhouse. This innovative CSD is equipped with Dredgair™. To maximize utilization rates, the crew is provided the best working and living conditions, allowing 24/7 operation of the vessel. Download the whitepaper.

CO 1261 – Athena
In a recent issue of the leading Dutch magazine “Maritime by Holland” the CSD Athena is described in detail. This vessel is deployed worldwide for dredging activities in hard soil. The Dredgair™-equipped Athena is considered the world’s most innovative CSD. Download the article.

An infographic on shock & vibration on dredgers and the innovate Dredgair™-solution by Loggers.

A short impression of the Dredgair™-solution, used for the suspension of the deckhouse of one the world’s most powerful and innovative CSDs: the Athena.