Regulatory Compliance

Due to the increasing number of international and local regulations and the need for operational transparency, regulatory compliance has become of greater importance than ever. Since the dredging market is a global one, for instance local acts on OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) influence your possibilities to win tenders. When your fleet is not able to comply with local regulations on vibration levels and comfort on board of your ships, this has substantial consequences your business and profitability. The Dredgair™ system can eliminate up to 98% of all harmful vibrations in the deckhouse and protects the crew, the equipment and its direct environment against vibrations and noise to new levels.

Dredgair™ already proved to be the solution for compliance with the most strict laws and regulations regarding safety and working conditions while gaining the business advantage of continuous operation. Local regulations all around the globe may vary significantly. However, in many areas around the world there is increased awareness for occupational health and safety. Trends are visible that regulations will get more strict in the nearby future. Some leading companies are already anticipating on these regulations and use the new Dredgair™ standard for ensuring daily operations in the future and continuous business. Enabling companies to comply with these laws and regulations, Loggers is your partner in winning tenders all over the world!