24/7 Dredging

While dredging, CSDs are exposed to strong vibrations and shocks caused by heavy resistance when dredging in hard surfaces. These extreme vibrations and shocks influence the working and living conditions onboard to a level in which it is impossible to operate 24/7. In an industry were productivity and utilization of equipment are the most important business drivers, 24/7 operation provides major competitive advantages for dredging contractors.

Loggers’ Dredgair™ ensures that the business objectives of high productivity and utilization rates are not affected by shock, vibration and noise. This innovative and patented air suspension solution enables continuous operation by minimizing all the vibration and noise. The crew is able to rest and work in a comfortable and quiet environment after their shift. Even when the next shift takes over and the CSD is cutting its way through rock, they are able to recuparate from a day of hard work on board.