What is Dredgair™?

Dredgair™ is the solution for dredgers that protects the crew, the systems on board and the ship itself against the negative impact of both shock and vibration. It offers protection against harmful shocks and ultra low frequency vibrations caused by dredging equipment, that can not be isolated by conventional solutions.

Most dredging companies are facing strict regulations regarding working and living conditions on board of their vessels. As one of the leading solution providers, Loggers minimizes the negative impact of shock, vibration and noise on all types of ships and vessels. With Dredgair™ we developed  the world’s first and only air based spring solution for the dredging industry.

The conditions under which the dredging crew operate trailer suction hopper dredgers (TSHDs) but especially cutter suction dredgers (CSDs) can be quite harsh. Especially when dredging in hard soil, the cutter head of the CSD causes problems with ultra low frequencies that can not be isolated with rubber vibration isolators. The natural frequencies of rubber makes these suitable for isolating frequencies starting from 9 Hz, but lower frequencies can still be felt troughout the whole vessel. The isolation of both shock and ultra-low frequencies therefore requires a more advanced suspension system and approach. With Dredgair™ we developed the world’s first and only air based spring solution that eliminates all vibrations starting from 1,5 Hz and has the ability to absorb shock originating from the use of dredging equipment. In addition, Dredgair™ also reduces the noise transfer significantly.

The heart of the Dredgair™-solution is a set-up of innovative air springs controlled by an advanced pneumatic system. The fully automated system constantly monitors and adjusts the air pressure inside the bellows according to the specific working conditions. The system’s ability of stabilizing horizontal and vertical movements enable a totally independent mounting of objects on the dredger’s hull. The complete solution relies on Loggers’ state-of-the-art calculations and simulations to ensure the most optimal solution for every dredger.